The NOAH Club, with the acronym ‘N.O.A.H’ (Names, Origin, Ancestry & History), and the motto ‘Noah or Nothing’, is a platform to promoting the common interest and good of humanity in general, by providing accurate information and forum for discussion on our common ancestral past.


6 thoughts on “N.O.A.H CLUB”

  1. This is a very important site hope to learn a lot from it


    • We are humbled by your comment and we sincerely thank you for your interest. We hope you gain the knowledge that you seek, while we shall most appreciate your opinion and suggestions, as contribution towards the growth of our content discuss. Warm regards. NOAH Club


  2. SANGODAPO Akinbode said:

    Is this an esoteric or mystical organization, What is the process of membership?


    • Dear Sangodapo Akinbode, we thank you for the interest indicated in our forum. Your question is also critical for better clarity to the benefit of all other interested and future visitors to the forum. We are not an esoteric or mystical organization. Kindly refer to the introduction page on our blog, for better appreciation of what the forum is all about. Call us a genealogical forum, and you may not be wrong. With regards to the process of membership, we are an open organization, with membership open to the entire human race. Moreso, the process of membership is as open and simple as participating in any of our online articles that may be active. We are also inviting netizens, to send in their open articles that align with our corporate vision. We hope that we have been able to address your questions cum concerns, as we look forward to more of your active participation in the development of this vision. Thank you. NOAH CLUB


  3. Mcfrancis Jefferson said:

    Waooooooooooooow…. interesting, Happy to be a member


    • Dear McFrancis Jefferson, we are humbled by your interest. You are also most welcome to joining the forum, by contributing through your comments, opinions and suggestions as it relates to any of our present and or future articles. You are also encouraged to send in articulated written pieces, on any intriguing matter that is in line with our vision to uniting the global population, through our ancestral genealogy. Our email address is noahklub@gmail.com. Kindly remember to follow us on all our social and blog sites. Please, tell and invite your friends, family members and associates to also come on board. Thank you once again. NOAH CLUB


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